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Washington Christian University’s philosophy has been to open its doors to students from all corners of the planet, especially the Hispanic American niche, where it provides strong and committed support to institutions in Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia, contributing substantially to the sustained development of many professionals and leaders of our continent.

Located in Raleigh

Place where more than 200 years ago the first public university in the United States was born.

University Degrees

Boost your professional career in one of the best education systems in the world.

Educational Quality

Programs based on commitment to learning, strengthening personal and professional development.

100% Online

Our modern methodology prepares each graduate to take on challenges and share success in a global marketplace.


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Graduandos WCU

¿Why a U.S. degree?

Having a higher education degree in our curriculum in a university in the United States that has one of the best education systems in the world is unrivaled in terms of its dynamism, quality, diversity, attributes and projection, since it contributes to boost our professional career and our role as a leader in the business fields.


Washington Christian University is an international educational institution, focused on the integral development of its students, that is to say, it has world-class programs, based on the commitment to learning, innovating, creating and strengthening personal and professional development, where each graduate is prepared to take on challenges and share success in a global market.

Agreement WCU - ESLAEE

Interinstitutional Cooperation

Between WCU-NC and ESLAEE establishes a relationship of inter-institutional cooperation, both communities offer their best options to provide a space for academic and professional growth, merging two aspects and currents under the same objective: To increase teaching capacity, research, development, technology and culture.

Washington Christian University accredits this title, under the legal regulations and the Latin American School of Advanced Business Studies – in the same way – provides all the logistics, organization and applicability of the various programs under the online modality. A sustainable, harmonious and very effective fusion for our students, professors, advisors and authorities.


Institution in the area of Organizational Development dedicated to the promotion, growth and training of human potential, as an active element to achieve personal, professional and business excellence.

Accreditation by Experience

Modular Learning Program, where the relevance of formal and non-formal studies is evident, all conceived for any professional to find the most suitable way to obtain a university degree.

Learning to Learn

Establish the competencies of each person in order to specify how to know how to do, to arrive at how the “Learning by Doing” process works.

``Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choices. It is not something to wait for, but something to pursue.``

– Jennings Bryan –

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