Diploma in Digital Marketing

Harness the power of the Internet to promote services or products


The program of the Diploma in Strategic Management & Marketing – ESLAEE involves the provision of theoretical and practical knowledge to the participant, to be able to analyze and resolve broad situations of the managerial and business environment, relying on the development and application of tools, methodologies and critical analysis for the student to reach a world-class professional level, through a training proposal sustainable education.


Through expert advice, to promote the acquisition of a globalized and strategic vision of the company, its environment and management, which will allow the integration of the areas of organization, planning, evaluation and management control to comply with the strategic plan of the organization, assuming the commitment required by management levels.

  • Develop an action plan focused on achieving the implementation of strategic management.
  • To understand the strategic approaches of the organization according to the market and its environment.
  • Design a management system to support the promise of sustainability.
  • Establish guidelines for the development of management system documentation.
  • Manage internal processes to meet the demands of the supply chain.
  • Design the system of management indicators to establish continuous improvement.
  • Manage the selection, development and growth of human talent at a competency level.
  • Identify resources, strengths and opportunities for improvement of personal leadership.

«Ten years ago, marketing effectiveness depended on the weight of your wallet. Today, marketing effectiveness depends on the size of your brain.»

Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of Hubspot

Target audience:

This program is aimed at professionals with high managerial potential, who are candidates to assume responsibilities as leaders of a unit, therefore, they need to acquire a globalized and strategic vision of the companies, as well as to develop the competencies, knowledge and practices that will allow them to perform efficiently in a highly competitive environment.


Any type of organization that wishes to be in constant contact with its customers and/or users must have the most current tools to ensure that communication is fluid and efficient. It is essential to have a presence in the digital environment, which also includes social networks.

ESLAEE presents this diploma with online methodology that includes all the keys for the application of the elements of online marketing, with a foundation in branding and brand management, including the key aspects for web analytics and positioning, management and social media strategy, branding and brand management, including the key aspects for web analytics and positioning, social media management and strategy.

Thus, the contents necessary for a complete management of strategic marketing are brought together.


  • Coaching – Applied to Management Processes
    Persuasive Communication Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management Model
  • Competency Management Model Design
  • Purchasing and Supply Planning
  • Strategic Marketing Management – Marketing Mix Analysis – Digital
  • Entrepreneurship: Strategic Business Planning
  • Market Intelligence and Positioning
  • Market Research and Studies – Market Penetration Strategies
  • Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Community Manager Management – CMP / Building and Managing the Online Community
  • Continuous Improvement Tools
  • Innovation and Creativity: Competitive Advantage
  • Demand Planning and Management / High Competitiveness Strategy
  • Management Based on Processes and Indicators /Methodology for its Implementation
  • Advanced Management and Supervision Program / Management Skills Development

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Diploma in Strategic Management & Marketing

ESLAEE offers its students financing for their investment in their studies, through an initial payment and the remaining balance divided into 14 consecutive installments for the payment of the program according to the following schedule: Registration $75 and 14 consecutive monthly installments of $125

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