Latin American School of Higher Business Studies - ESLAEE

Institution of the Organizational Development area dedicated to the promotion, growth and training of human potential, as an active element to achieve personal, professional and business excellence.

Our programs are based on a theoretical and practical process that we call “Applied Knowledge” where the premises of learning are established in function, to the assignment of projects and real case studies for each proposed learning objective.

This applied methodology consists of “Learning to Learn” which involves establishing the competencies of each person in order to specify how to know how to do, to get to how the process of “Learning by Doing” works and thus give them the appropriate tools to use them productively.



“Fate is not a matter of chance, but of elections.  It’s not something to be expected, but something to be pursued.”.

– Jennings Bryan –


To provide real scenarios that allow us to be agents of human capital transformation, recognized nationally and internationally for the excellence of our management, the quality of our facilitators and the high competitiveness achieved by our participants.


It involves interactive exposure to experts, study and evaluation of typical problems, activities focused on andragogical processes, self-management of objectives, shared goals, cooperative, productive teamwork and case analysis. productive teamwork and case analysis.


The Human Talent, primary factor and added value of greater weight for the development of a product with excellence and Teamwork, as a fundamental pillar in the consolidation of the company with values based on professional ethics and commitment to solidarity.


Under this philosophy, each participant establishes his or her own career plan and contributes his or her experience, nurtured by the guidance of the facilitator and his or her peers, making each class session a real opportunity for learning and professional growth.