10 reasons to study at a university in the United States

10 reasons to study at a university in the United States

Whether for its academic quality, a multicultural learning experience or for curricular value, high school students decide each year to study at a university in the United States. LANCO Education, a platform that supports students and their families through personalized mentoring in the application and admission process to United States Universities, lists the main reasons to study in the northern country.

1. Family independence

Living alone and facing new challenges on your own will be difficult, but it will also help you reflect and grow as a human being. You will appreciate everything your parents, family, and friends do or have done for you. He will live alone, he will take care of his food, his chores, and his laundry. Everything will be on your own and that will make you a more responsible person.

2. Quality of university education

Another of the most important points is the quality that universities in the United States offer to their students; both in its infrastructure, with beautiful and large buildings, cutting-edge technology, as well as fully equipped facilities for sports activities, and for the high academic level and recognition of its teachers, many of them also foreigners.

3. University experience

In addition to its educational quality, university life in the United States is an experience in itself, from coexistence in fraternities, cultural events, parties, academic and entertainment events. Life experiences with university colleagues from different countries favor an openness of thought and unique collaboration.

4. International life experience (valuable and rewarding)

There are few activities that contribute as much to the human being as traveling to other countries and living with people from different cultures. Studying outside your country of origin not only allows you to learn about new places, but also new ways of learning, other approaches, customs and cultures that fill the international student with invaluable experiences.

5. Job opportunities

Studying in a foreign country, and even more so if it is the United States, is an additional value for your job positioning, since many companies, especially those with global operations, value the multicultural training of their collaborators. Additionally, there are many stories of entrepreneurs or business relationships that began on the campuses of American universities.

6. You will perfect your English

English continues to be the international language par excellence and indispensable in the academic and business world, studying in the United States will allow you to practice and develop it at an almost native level.

7. Multicultural training

The United States stands out for being a multicultural society thanks to the fact that it has welcomed many foreigners, as its universities are at the top of the most recognized world rankings, they are highly valued by people from all nations, who come to this country to complement their academic training and provide a richer environment of experience and learning.

8. Tourism

Not everything will be studying, being in the United States, you will be able to see new places, visit its snow-covered mountains, its large nature reserves, museums, recreational centers, and much more. This is one of the countries with the greatest offer of entertainment and knowledge in the entire world.

9. Know the culture and customs

Knowing more about your peers and their cultures of origin gives you a great perspective on the diversity of the world, and living with real American families allows you to learn more about our neighboring nation, observe and experience its warmth and traditions in a completely different way. new.

10. Money does not have to be a limitation

There are a large number of scholarships and supports to study in the United States, both from national organizations and from programs within the more than 4,000 Universities in the United States that seek Latin American students. The most important thing is to get advice and help to choose the school that best suits your interests, financial situation and know the admission process.

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