Industrial Process Engineering

Science may amuse and fascinate us, but it is engineering that changes the world

Industrial Process Engineering

Our Online Industrial Engineering Program by Accreditation and Experience (PAPEX WCU-NC / ESLAEE), involves the provision of theoretical and practical knowledge to the participant, to be able to analyze and solve complex situations in the business environment, relying on the development and application of tools, methodologies and critical analysis for the student to reach a world-class professional level.

The program has a 100% online methodology, the total duration of the Engineering program will be 24 months.

Degree Awarded

WCU – ESLAEE offers members of the entrepreneurial community with extensive work experience, the title of Industrial Engineer, which will allow to plan, implement and evaluate the specific activities of a company, to provide alternatives to facilitate decision making, achieving higher performance of business management, and its commitment to Sustainable Human Development of the organization, its environment and its high entrepreneurial spirit.

«True happiness lies in the completion of work using your own brain and skills»

Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda Motor Company

Target audience:

  • University professionals with 3 years of experience.
  • Facilitators of learning and leadership processes.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to improve leadership and communication skills.
  • People who lead projects and wish to develop competencies.
  • Professionals, coordinators, supervisors and company personnel.

Requirements for Accreditation

  1. Participants must have a minimum of 3 years of work experience
  2. The accreditation implies a maximum of 60% of the Program
  3. Work experience will be credited, as well as university studies
  4. The internship level will be credited for work experience
  5. The research component phase is not accreditable
  6. Engineering on the basis of accreditation will take 24 months
  7. The accreditation verdict is final

Graduate Profile

To promote the acquisition of a globalized and strategic vision of the business sector and its environment, which will allow the participant to deepen knowledge and apply methodologies, techniques and tools that lead to generate a world-class and successful management in highly competitive markets in the fulfillment of his role as an Industrial Engineer.


Computer Tools
Learning Methodology
Entrepreneurship I, II, III
Humanitas I, II, III

Development of Entrepreneurs II
Entrepreneurs III
Development of Managerial Competencies

Fundamentals of Modern Management Direction &
Management Organization
Human Resources Management

Numerical skills.
Instrumental Mathematics.
Mathematical Logic
Analytic Geometry

Language Course.
Instrumental English
Basic I – II, III

Statistical Tools for Decision
Making.Descriptive Statistics
Applied Statistics
Operations Research
Entrepreneur Development I

Introduction to Industrial Engineering
Basic Foundations
Contemporary Vision
Communication and Language

Chemistry and Thermofluids.
Physics I – Chemistry I – II
Laboratory of Thermodynamic
Chemistry Mechanics of Fuels

Quality Management System
ISO 9001:201
ISO 19011: 2018

Strategic Business Planning
Balanced Scorecard and Indicators

Industrial Safety ISO 45001: 2018
Risk Management
Behavior-Based Security

Environmental Management System
ISO 14001:2015
Emergency and Contingency Plans

Industrial Design and Manufacturing
Descriptive Geometry
Assisted Drawing I Assisted Drawing II
Manufacturing Processes

Electricity and Materials
Physics II – Rational Mechanical
Resistance of Materials
Machine Design I, II

Industrial Production and Maintenance
Industrial Plants
Method Engineering
Production Engineering
Industrial Maintenance
Industrial automation

Project Management
Project Planning and Formulation I, II
Economic Engineering
Finance/Industrial Costs

Community Service

Research Practice
Special Degree Work

Washintong Christian University in its eagerness to open new and innovative horizons of growth and experiential learning at the engineering level has joined forces with the Latin American School of Advanced Business Studies to bring the PAPEX – Accreditation through Experience Program to all corners of Latin America.

This WCU-ESLAEE agreement aimed at training engineers by accreditation and experience, is based on a systemic approach, whose paradigm seeks the axiological interaction of man with the business world, unifying science, art and technology with the social and natural, to the point of achieving a different way of thinking, acting and feeling, in order to face the reality of the world, with its values within a totality organized in highly competitive markets.

The Admissions Division is attached to the Academic Secretariat, and is responsible for the management of admission policies and admission to Washington Christian University at the undergraduate level – Virtual with the firm purpose of guiding applicants in what the university system means by accreditation of experience, guiding them in what is called the uvemista philosophy as a community at the service of Sustainable Human Development.

Consignment of documents. Send them to the ESLAEE offices and consign the following requirements in an office size manila folder and envelope, in the following order:

  1. Registration form with the pre-registration and registration payment support.
  2. Three (03) recent CARNET size photographs.
  3. Two (02) copies of IDENTITY CARD, enlarged and centered on letter paper.
  4. Original and photocopy of BIRTH CERTIFICATE (legible and without amendment).
  5. Original and photocopy of BACCALAUREATE CERTIFICATE NOTES, with their respective tax stamps stamped by the school and/or educational unit.
  6. Original and photocopy of the BACCALAUREATE DEGREE with their respective tax stamps and authentication of the school and/or educational unit.
  7. Original and photocopy of CERTIFIED NOTES OF HIGHER UNIVERSITY TECHNICIAN, with tax stamps stamped by the institution.
  8. Original and photocopy of the HIGHER UNIVERSITY TECHNICIAN’S DEGREE (for graduates if applicable) with respective tax stamps and authentication of the institution.
  9. Certificate of Participation in the National Process (CNU-OPSU), obtain it through according to the year of registration.
  10. Original and photocopy of CONSTANCE OF GOOD CONDUCT.
  11. Curriculum Vitae (03 pages) original and photocopies of supporting documents.

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Industrial Process Engineering

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